Falmouth Oyster Festival 2012

Oyster shucking at the Falmouth Oyster Festival

Thousands of hungry visitors – including myself – are expected to flock to Events Square for the 2012 Falmouth Oyster Festival.

This year’s star guests include Dick and James Strawbridge of ITV’s ‘The Hungry Sailors,’ who will feature Falmouth in an upcoming series of their hit show.

The pair will take part in the Hot Chef’s Challenge, battling it out in the kitchen against local chefs Arty Williams from the Cove and Nick Hodges from the Flying Fish restaurant.

Festival organisers have confirmed that Monty Halls from the BBC’s ‘Fisherman’s Apprentice’ and Port Isaac’s Fisherman’s Friends will also make special appearances during the three-day event.

I’ve been set my first assignment to make a radio package and will be buzzing around finding people to speak to and recording interesting sounds – hopefully not people choking on oysters or vomiting into dustbins next to the cider stand. Not that that happened last year.


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