How I survived my first radio assignment

…..Ok, so I’m in the process of editing my first radio assignment for my MA Multimedia Broadcasting course at University College Falmouth – here’s an update on how gathering the material went.

I’ll be posting the finished package later this week, so keep a look out.

What went well?

  • I managed to secure all the interviews I needed for my story – though some of my interviewees were highly inebriated (we’ll get to that later.)
  • I had a clear idea of my story and the narrative I wished to pursue throughout the package.
  • Most of the people I spoke to were a joy to interview. They all provided me with some great quotes which will work well in my final package.

What went wrong?

  • An interview with Councillor Chris Ridgers – cabinet member for economy and regeneration – fell through at the last minute. I had to find an alternative authoritative voice which eventually came from Mike Rangecroft, one of the main festival organisers.
  • Most people I approached in the main marquee had spent some time at the champagne stall, which wreaked havoc with my sound levels. One woman seemed convinced my microphone was edible and despite my best efforts to lower it under her chin, the audio came out sounding a little like this: shhhhhcclllllunkclicketyclick….great time…cluuunnkk…oysters…..popppp.
  • M-Audio. I must say, I rather dislike this piece of equipment: it’s bulky, takes at least two minutes to set up by slotting various cables, and other bits and pieces into holes, and even then has wires trailing everywhere.

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