Not the Bee-All and End All

 Environment Assessment: The Final Product

So here’s my radio piece on what effect certain pesticides have had on a Cornish apiary:

Considering the tumultuous time I had securing the all important interview, the edit went surprisingly smoothly and Audition did as it was told. Luckily for me, I had lots of good quotes to work with and I think I managed to put across the interviewee’s concerns quite strongly by using some of the statistics he mentioned, and clips containing dramatic words.

During the edit I noticed a couple of clicking noises from my mic cable, but they appeared when nobody was speaking so I was able to cut them out without a trace. I challenge anyone to guess where they were!

My choice of location – one of the university’s digilabs – although quiet, was a little echoey, but there really was nothing I could do about that. I purposely chose to record the interview there, and avoided using wildtrack behind the voice, to give the illusion that we were staging our talk inside a real radio studio. In this case I think it was fairly effective.

My only gripe is that my course requires me to upload my piece in MP3 format. Compared to the WAV version I listened to during the editing process, there’s a notable degradation in the sound quality for only a marginal difference in the file size.

And you’ll be glad to hear hive finished with the bee puns.


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