Assessment – Editing the TV Package and the finished product

So here it is, ta da!

What went well?

The filming

I’m fairly happy with the result of my filming – nothing’s under or over-exposed, and I tried to be creative with the types of shots I got. I made the decision early on to avoid doing anything too fancy with the camera-work (zooms and pans and the like), instead I decided to concentrate on getting good, steady, in-focus shots that would illustrate the story well.

My script tells the tale of how Polly came to get stuck in the under-carriage of a high-speed train and luckily made it out alive. I made sure I paid attention to detail when filming and got pictures of the right type of train on the platform she was found, the exact same sandwich she was fed…that kind of thing.

I’m especially pleased with the close-up of the vet’s face and the wide shot of the cat and the vet, which I’ve cut between pictures of the cat being fussed. I think that’s worked really well. I’m also happy with the footage of Emily the train manager, where I asked her to pretend she was looking for the cat under the train.

I made two round trips to Penzance, which actually turned out to be less of a faff than I’d expected. I made sure I’d planned the route before leaving the house, then simply hopped onto a train, into a taxi and to the vet’s clinic.

The graphic

I decided to have a go at a graphic myself using my (limited) Photoshop skills to show just how far Polly had travelled. Ideally I’d have liked to have had the trail moving in time with the voice-over, but for a first attempt, I think it looks pretty good and it’s certainly better than simply listing the places she visited.

The edit

I used Avid to edit my piece, and up until the export (more on this later) it did little in the way of jeopardising my piece and behaved itself without mangling up any of my clips or losing any of the sound.

The finished product

Overall I’m pleased with the way my video package looks. It told the story in the way I wanted it to, and it’d fit in nicely as an ‘and finally’ story on The World Tonight.

What went wrong?sound_waves

Sound quality (not all of it!)

There were a couple of general issues with sound, which couldn’t really be helped – I blame the vet’s room and the noisy train in the background. The room was particularly echoey and there wasn’t really anywhere else to do the interview. When I got to the edit suite I was actually surprised that the sound wasn’t worse affected that it was, because when I was filming it sounded terrible.

Exporting from Avid

The edit went smoothly, but less can be said about the export. After three attempts (and three separate trips back to the Avid suite), the piece is finally playing out the way it’s supposed to. I have no idea what Avid’s problem is, I did exactly the same thing each time, being careful to choose all the right settings. At least it works now.

Incurring an injury

As I’ve already said, I cut my finger on the killer-tripod I was using. Did I mention it really hurt? It’s still sore.


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