Assessment – The Brief

Two assessments. An exam on the intricacies of UK media law. Two weeks – there’s not even enough time to panic about this.

1) TV Package – Cornwall:

For television, my assignment seems reasonably straightforward. I just need to produce a TV package no longer than two and a half minutes, that’s suitable for a Cornish audience. And, of course, write an accompanying studio cue. Easy peasy.

But after some thought I realised it’s much more difficult than it sounds. After all, I’m free to do whatever I want: a hard-hitting news story about criminals, the NHS, or politicians, or something a little more quirky. But which is better suited to an assignment? Decisions, decisions.

Luckily, I have a few ideas, and I’m getting excited about one that – at least for now – seems to be coming together.

2) Radio Package – The European Union

My radio assignment is to produce a package of two and a half minutes (complete with cue), with at least two face-to face interviews. All the usual criteria applies: good sound quality, crisp script, a decent story, relevant clips, and a SOC.

The only difference being, it must be connected to the EU.

I’m beginning to notice a pattern emerging here – once again, there are so many topics to choose from. Cornwall and the EU share a close connection as the South West receives an annual sum of £400m from the European Social Fund (ESF).

The funding supports everything from food and farming to the county’s creative industry. Fishing in Cornish waters is regulated by EU policies, while superfast broadband in Cornwall is also part funded by money from Europe.


Even the Combined Universities Campus at Tremough has been given a helping hand through hefty cash injections courtesy of the EU. Don’t believe me? Then look out when you’re next on campus: the two flags flying at the entrance are those of St Piran and the European Union.

What stories would you like to see covered? Narky at the NHS, cross with the council, excited about the PM’s speech on the EU? Leave your comments via the form below. 


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