Politics Assessment – The People

For my six-minute package I’ve decided to include three voices. Here’s my cast-list:

Chris Gibson – Cornwall Anti Cuts Alliance


As I mentioned, I went along to a ‘bedroom tax’ protest in Camborne to speak to some of the organisers from Cornwall Anti Cuts Alliance.

As you can imagine, they were very happy to stop and chat and explain why they were demonstrating and why they’re against pretty much every Tory reform.

This chap stood out with his strong political views and brilliant voice, so I’ll definitely include him in my piece. 

George Eustice – Conservative MP 

GeorgeEusticeConservative MP George Eustice very kindly agreed to let me interview him at his office in Camborne.

He gave good, contrasting thoughts to the protesters, explaining why his party thinks the benefit changes are “the right thing to do”.

He also told me that dozens of brand new one-bedroom flats (right next to his office) were being made available to retired people which will make it easier for affected locals to downsize and, as he put it, “stop hogging houses.”

Jude Robinson – Labour Councillor


Taking time out of her very hectic schedule, Jude Robinson invited me to her home in Pool to squeeze a quick interview in over lunch-time.

Naturally she was against the “bedroom tax,” saying it was something Labour would never dream of doing.

I had the chance to put to her some of the questions I’d asked George Eustice, and got some interesting answers, which I’ll share with you all soon.

But my highlight: I had the privilege of meeting her very friendly dog, two cats and three chickens. They didn’t have much to say on the issue.


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