Politics Assessment: Legal Considerations

 The Music

I chose to feature a piece of music – a cover of Kate Bush’s ‘Running Up That Hill’ by Placebo – in my package.

I like to think it’s added to the overall piece, keeping up the pace, ramping up emotion and drama where it’s needed, and emphasising key points.


But when using any piece of music a journalist must be aware of copyright law – if it’s being broadcast you can’t play copyright music without paying royalties to the musician or record label who owns it, or you or your organisation will get sued for a mountain of cash. And unless your boss is incredibly forgiving, or you work for Megabucks Inc. who don’t mind paying out, your career will probably end right there.

If I were working for a reputable media organisation, like the BBC (bear in mind my package is supposed to be for Radio Cornwall,) they’d be able to get clearance to use whatever material’s needed.

But seeing as I’m a student and my package will never see the light of day (other than being heard by the gangs of one and two who view this blog) I understand that I’m not breaking the law.


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