Politics Assessment: The Equipment

Bah! Once again I got to use my old chum the M-Audio Microtrack II.

It really is a pretty terrible bit of kit (in my opinion).


Take a look at the photo and you’ll see why it’s necessary I arrive at least ten minutes early to any interview I arrange. That’s how long it takes to slot the various bits and pieces together, reel in all the cables, and check the thing’s working properly – which it rarely is.

Even in perfect conditions it will pick up on noises you’d rather it didn’t, and add a sprinkling of high frequency hiss for good measure.

One of my interviews has been particularly affected by the device’s recording quirks. Even sitting uncomfortably close to my subject in a near-silent room it’s injected an alarming amount of white noise into the recording. Better still, it’s also managed to pick up the sound of her pet dog scratching itself quietly across the other side of the room.

But all’s not lost – it just means more work for me. Dodgy sound can be fixed using Adobe Audition’s various plug-ins, but I shouldn’t have to start messing about with equalisers and filters to get a clean sound.

Thanks M-Audio. Thanks a bunch.


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