VIDEO: Interview with Falmouth sailor Sam Goodchild

I was asked to produce a feature video for the Packet on Falmouth sailor Sam Goodchild.

Here he talks about his recent success in the RORC 600 race in the Caribbean, and his plans to take part in the Vendee Globe solo around-the-world race in 2016.

Reporter: Ben Power

Filming and editing: Alex Pesic


Nadelik Lowen

The brief:

1) To make a one-minute news package on Nadelik (a Cornish Christmas to you and I) for a festive edition of our TV current affairs programme, The World Tonight.

2) To make all the necessary arrangements for a live guest to appear on the show, preferably in time and willingly.

The reality:

Pendennis Castle in Falmouth was holding a Nadelik event the Sunday after our show aired, posing the first problem: filming a preview piece.

Now capturing the spirit of a party on film before it’s actually happened was always going to be a bit of a fruitless task, but thanks to a much obliging interviewee and lots of pretty cutaways of the castle grounds and surrounding area, I think we pulled it off. See what you think:


Presenter: Sarah Yeoman

Camera/Sound: Alex Pesic

A frosty reception to Truro’s first ice rink?

You’ll forgive my absence, it’s been a busy month.

To begin with there was the pressing issue of noise and light pollution allegedly affecting one residential area of Truro as a result of the city’s new ice rink attraction.

Here’s a two-minute-ish report on the matter:


Presenter/Camera/Sound/Edit: Alex Pesic

Iso the miracle dog

Here’s my first attempt at a TV package. It’s about a two-year-old sprocker spaniel called Iso who fell hundreds of feet down a disused mine shaft in West Cornwall and lived to tell the tale.

I went to see the adventurous pup and his owner Brian to see how they’ve been getting on since the ordeal.

I also visited firefighters at Camborne fire station – some of whom rescued Iso from the mine. They were extremely helpful, and even went to the trouble of acting out a drill for the camera.