TV Documentary – Next Steps

I’ve now firmed up the majority of my interviews, and agreed on dates to meet up, so my next step is to plan exactly what I want to ask them and what I need to get from each person.

So far I’m conducting my interviews in Cambridge, Oxford and London. I’ve decided to travel to each destination by car in three separate trips. That should ensure I – and all my equipment – get there on time and in one piece.


In terms of kit, I’m shooting on a Canon D5 DSLR as the picture quality is excellent, and the camera body itself is far less conspicuous than the Panasonic P2. Using a DSLR means it won’t get in the way too much, and will help my interviewees feel more at ease.

I’m recording sound on a Zoom recorder as the internal mic on the Canon is shockingly bad. I’m taking a number of different lenses so I can be as flexible as I like with the shots I gather. I’m also using a rifle mic, a radio mic, an audio mixer, and an assortment of lights and stands to ensure I get professional results.

As for my risk assessment, the main thing to watch out for is my equipment. It’s most at risk of loss or theft, so I will be guarding it with my life.

Well, maybe not my life, but at the very least a big stick.